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Red Sky with Francis Tsai

In 2010 I started writing the graphic novel Red Sky, the brainchild of sci-fi and fantasy illustrator Francis Tsai. He’d brought me on board to script a three-book limited series from ideas and characters he’d created. Francis and I were good friends. I was a big fan of his drawings, and was excited to create a graphic novel with him. About 6 months after we’d started work on Red Sky and another project D.W.A.Z., Francis was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or “ALS,” Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s a horrible way to go, and especially horrible for a visual artist like Francis, for whom drawing was his life. As his disease progressed, he started drawing on an iPad with his big toe, and then using motion tracking technology to draw with his eyes. He kept on making works of art, but production on Red Sky was indefinitely stalled . . . until he passed away in 2015. Here’s the first six — and only — pages of what we created together.

I created a Francis Tsai Memorial Scholarship at the Baltimore Academy of Illustration, specifically for students interested in conceptual design or graphic novels.
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