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Author’s Statement

I write gum-chomping genre fiction swanked up in verbal couture. My portfolio spans horror, romance, bizarro, experimental fiction, crime noir, science fiction, and even children’s books (a shock to those who’ve read my rawer stuff) but all of it is fueled by my search for peace with the BIG QUESTIONS: redemption, fate, resilience, human failing, free will, forgiveness, the magic underneath the machine, and love. (If there’s some jollies along the way, even better.)

Everything I’ve ever written is in the service of making a space where there are no DO NOT ENTER signs and words are free to cartwheel ‘til they’re dizzy, wheeeeee. Being a graphic novelist and visual artist helps me think in unexpected ways, too, since I see the page as a visual space and not just a holding container for words. My parallel love of cinema follows that satori, and nearly two decades of watching movies and writing about them have taught me that three acts bond tightest when gelled together with poetry.

My prose might look like it’s dancing on the bar at happy hour, but deep down I’ve taken a samurai-serious vow to satisfy the reader’s primal Jungian craving for the Hero’s Journey. That’s my compassion at work: my characters’ struggles are there to validate their own. And I’m after truth, whether it’s expressed as journalistic rigor or as an unflinching look at the human experience. Whether I’m writing a magnum opus or a three-paragraph author’s statement, I do my blood-sweat-and-writer’s-cramp damndest to leave every reader wrung out and full of “Wow!”s by.

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Violet LeVoit is a film critic, novelist, poet and artist whose work has appeared in many publications in the US and UK, including RogerEbert.com, TurnerClassicMovies.com, Allmovie.com, PressPlay.com, Bright Lights Film Journal, the Baltimore City Paper, Film Threat, and others. She is a contributor to the film history compendium Little Black Book: Movies (Cassell Illustrated), and was voted “Best Arts Writer” by Baltimore Magazine.

Originally from Baltimore, Violet began her career in journalism as a television producer and video editor at Maryland’s PBS affiliate, where she won two Emmy Awards for outstanding original programming. After transitioning to print journalism and film criticism at the Baltimore City Paper, she earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Rutgers University and published many works of fiction, including the short story collections I am Genghis Cum and I’ll Fuck Anything That Moves and Stephen Hawking (both Fungasm Press), the zine chapbook love poems/sɯǝod ǝʇɐɥ (Budget Press) and the critically acclaimed “experimental noir” novel I Miss the World (King Shot Press).

Violet is also Associate Editor and Researcher for the Eisner-award winning graphic novel company Beehive Books, where she’s co-edited The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Worlds of Herbert Crowley and LAAB Magazine (for which she is also a co-publisher). Her own illustrations draw on Catholic iconography, German Expressionism, the visual vocabulary of comic books and movies, and pictorially active text to explore ideas of veneration, religious ecstasy, the vespertine, and the occult edge of mystery in a contemporary light . . . or darkness.

Violet’s favorite writers are Mark Salzman, Jane and Michael Stern, Maxine Hong Kingston, William Gibson, Saki, George Orwell, and William Poundstone. Her favorite artists are Gerhard Richter, Egon Schiele, and Bill Sienkiewicz, and her favorite directors are Buster Keaton, Martin Scorsese, and David Fincher. When not writing or drawing she enjoys studying Esperanto and Japanese, collecting old test patterns and “china girls”, hanging out in Asian groceries, cooking (vegan and not), browsing Philly’s great independent bookstores, writing letters to friends, and of course going to the movies. One out of ten people she meets spots what’s unique about her name.